Bartłomiej Ostapczuk

An actor-mime, director of visual theater productions, author of scripts and stage movement, pantomime teacher. Artistic director of the International Mime Art Festival Warsaw. Initiator and founder of the Warsaw Mime Center, Mime Theater Mimo. He manages, implements, and creates projects and artistic productions in the fields of pantomime theater, visual theater, and theatrical education. Since 2005, he has been running the Pantomime Studio in Warsaw. He guest teaches pantomime theater at theater schools in the country and abroad. He studied the art of theater in Poland, the USA, and Spain.


Since 1997, he has appeared in over 45 theatrical performances

He has performed on the stages of theaters in Japan, Puerto Rico, the United States, England, Germany, China, Lithuania, Russia, France, Poland, Israel, South Korea, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Luxembourg, Sweden, and Norway.


He specializes in mime, visual, and non-verbal theater. However, he directs spoken theater performances with equal pleasure, often enriching them with elements of form theater. Since 2006, he has directed 21 productions. He is the author of visual theater scripts and adaptations of spoken plays for mime theater. More recently, he has also begun writing dramatic plays. 

Recipient of awards and honors for directing and screenplay in Poland and abroad.

Workshops / Classes

Since 2005, he has been running the Pantomime Studio in Warsaw. He shares his workshop approach to theatre with participants of workshops, classes, seminars, and courses. He prepares actors of spoken theatre, opera, and film actors for non-verbal actions. He also works with dancers. 

To date, he has conducted workshops in:

  • Poland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Sweden
  • USA

Mo(ve)ment Lab 

Workshops, meetings, and courses conducted under the name "Mo(ve)ment Lab" are the result of many years of practice in working with the body, mindfulness, and meditation, and most importantly, with other people. The program is based on understanding the interconnections of these elements and how this knowledge affects everyday functioning and well-being of participants. The meetings are organized in various places across the country, always surrounded by nature. The key aspect is building self-awareness by directly experiencing the discussed topics with respect for one's own feelings and needs.